40th Birthday Jokes

   One of the best stories about good turning 40 jokes that we have ever heard happened among a bunch of teens and young adults. 40th birthday jokes seem especially funny to the younger set because 40 seems so far away for them. Riddles abound as they tried to puzzle out life’s meaning, believing youth to be eternal (and more than likely thinking that they actually had the answers for all riddles) and 40 to be unattainable.

   At any rate, this bunch of youngsters sat down to brainstorm 40th birthday jokes, trying to determine how best to ensure that they got the most mileage out of them. Having heard that the best jokes were short jokes, and the best short jokes ever were rude short jokes, they set to work. After the first meeting—brief, just like a good joke—they continued the process through email. See, their object was this: somebody was turning 40. Without any turning 40 jokes, this person might have thought that 40 was just another birthday. Because most of the youngsters had parents older than 40, they knew the value of good laughs at clever riddles. With this friend approaching 40, this group determined to arm themselves with the best rude short jokes to make all other 40th birthday jokes pale in comparison.


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   Unfortunately, writing good turning 40 jokes was harder than it sounds. After debating plays on “ten-four” and “four-oh,” “over the hill,” and “mid-life crisis,” they realized that rude short jokes couldn’t be thought up in a day, or even in a few days over email. Good jokes take time to incubate. With double misfortune for our young friends, the 40th birthday was approaching faster than the 40th birthday jokes. They were starting to run out of options.

   Suddenly, one of the young men hit on the idea of brainstorming riddles. Rude short jokes, though absolutely ingenious, were slow in coming. The best short jokes ever had already been told and other good turning 40 jokes were, though good, few to be had (at least, among their young brains). Believing themselves still to have intellectual mastery over the 40 year old who they planned to ridicule, they brainstormed riddles. Their favorite, the flagship of their 40th birthday jokes’ arsenal, was this:

   “A young man walking swiftly feels that his step begins to slow down. He feels tired and realizes that his feet don’t have to reach as far to the ground. He starts to run out of breath—and then suddenly, his stride lengthens, only this isn’t like the run he was making before. This is helter-skelter rough-and-tumble barely-keeping-his-feet death-is-certain near-freefall! What happened to him?”

   The answer? “Well, after a pretty crazy 39 year-long climb, he’s over the hill!” When the opportunity came to share this and other riddles, laughs were had, cake was cut (cake that nearly set the house on fire with its 40 candles), and sides were split by countless 40th birthday jokes. The rude short jokes were a great way to start, but a good short riddle always followed them up. After all, when the answers for all riddles are all about laughter, even turning 40 became quite the merry time.